Vyka is a Berlin based Ukrainian singer, songwriter and producer.

In her studio, Vyka writes electro/indie-pop tunes infused with signature synths and drum machines from the 80s, indie guitars and hooks that people sing along straight away. Vyka got funded by the Initiative Musik of German government to produce her debut EP. The self titled six track EP was broadly supported by radio (Radio Eins, FluxFm, Cosmo, DLF Nova, NDR Blu) as well as by live concerts e.g. Bergfest by FluxFm, MTV Music Week and the national TV channel ZDF.

The start of 2024 marked with a performance at the Swedish showcase festival “Future Echoes” with two gigs. Vyka used the opportunity to celebrate the release of her new single „Can’t Give My Love“ on stage. 

The music blog „Caesar Live n Loud“ on the release: „An upbeat beat anthem of liberation finds the talented artist bringing up the sensitive topic of abuse, especially the abuse most women go through, encouraging them to recognize abuse and make a point. This message is beautifully conveyed through her rich, confident vocals that soar effortlessly over gorgeous guitar riffs seamlessly paired with cool electronics and percussive elements that culminate into a memorable chorus perfect to sing along to.“